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As experienced hearing health providers, our Digital Hearing Lab team works with brands we have experienced personally as the best of the best.

As an independently-owned and operated practice, we focus on your hearing needs and find the best devices for your personal listening experience to get more out of life.

To determine which hearing aids best suit you, we review your hearing test results and consult about your lifestyle and needs. For example, rather than pushing the latest tech, we work with you to recommend devices that optimize your hearing according to our expertise and that best suit your unique hearing profile.

We look forward to exploring your hearing aid options with you!

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Phonak, a Swiss manufacturer of hearing aids, was founded in 1947 to reconnect people to their lives and loved ones through better hearing technology. They are committed to removing the stigma around hearing loss, with the mission to continue “until wearing a hearing aid is as simple as eyeglasses.” Phonak hearing aids are powered by an advanced processing platform, enhancing speech recognition and providing natural sound access. Phonak hearing aids come in many style options and technology levels to treat varying degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound.


Signia hearing aids are designed to be more human and personal, combined with a long history of technological innovation and quality. Signia hearing aids outperform normal hearing in complex sound environments, improve speech recognition, and reduce noise, feedback, and echo. With a sophisticated processing platform, Signia hearing aids support wearers in reduced daily listening efforts.


Oticon is a Danish manufacturer, founded in 1904. Their breakthrough is BrainHearing Technology, built on the understanding that hearing happens in our brains. Oticon’s features support the brain in the listening process. BrainHearing Technology consists of features to support the brain in the auditory process, including speech recognition and the flexibility to focus on different sounds.


ReSound is a Danish manufacturer known for the “world’s smartest hearing aid,” It was founded in 1943 to help people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active, and fulfilling lives. ReSound was the first manufacturer to introduce an open-standard digital chip and Wide Dynamic Range Compression sound processing, providing wearers with natural and clear sound.


Widex is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, known for producing the world’s first digital ITE hearing aid and for their trademark Widex Sound. Widex hearing aids feature technology that handles a wide range of sounds, reduces unwanted noise, and provides wearers with true-to-life sound.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American manufacturer of hearing aids, founded in 1967 and based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Starkey utilizes data and research collected from the Starkey Research Institute to design innovative hearing devices. Starkey is known for their pioneering work with wireless devices that connect to smartphones to increase accessibility for their wearers. Starkey’s hearing aids provide wearers with clarity, comfort, and high-definition audio in everyday life.

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