Your Ears Will Thank You For It

Changes in your hearing happen gradually and often people are unaware of these changes. The sounds that you could once hear simply fade to the point you no longer recognize that you’re NOT hearing them. So when you can no longer hear the fan in your home or your refrigerator humming in the background, you don’t even realize it. For the person with unrecognized changes in hearing, those sounds become as good as invisible. 

So how can you tell if your hearing is changing? Listening to your friends and families say things like, “Wow, that television is up so high” or “This is the third time I’ve called you” is one of the first ways to recognize changes in your hearing. And what’s the best way to tell if your hearing has changed? It seems so obvious, but people often forget that they need to have their hearing checked annually. 

As a proud member of the community for many years, Digital Hearing Lab understands the needs of our patients. We take pride in educating them about hearing loss and listening to their needs before going into detail about the latest advanced technology that is available to them. 

Digital Hearing Lab is located at 290 Citrus Tower Blvd Ste. 105. Call us at 352-988-0274 for a complimentary hearing test or to learn more about current exclusive offers on hearing products. Visit our website at Your ears will thank you for it!

Published in “The News Leader” April 4th, 2023